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  • Dr. O. Osuagwu

BioNanoTech CEO Selected To Advise Startup Companies with First Round Capital

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

BioNanoTech CEO Dr. Osuagwu has been selected to be a mentor with First Round Venture Capital's (famed early investors in Notion, Roblox, Uber, Square, and many others) Fast Track Program, link: and First Round Capital, link:

More information from First Round Capital's Fast Track Program Below:

"Our Mentors come from different backgrounds and are passionate about developing people. Some Mentors are successful founders, while others are superstar directors or VPs at breakout companies. The common thread is that all of them have a valuable perspective to share, but more importantly, seek to understand before they give advice. They use their own learnings and candor to elevate the knowledge of others, helping their mentees discover and amplify their talents."

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